LULAC Statement on President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union

WASHINGTON, DC— During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Biden highlighted his notable accomplishments, his legislative agenda for the year and underscored the need for increased bipartisanship to accomplish more for the country. In reaction to President Biden’s speech, LULAC National President Domingo Garcia issued the following statement:

“While we are very appreciative of President Biden’s leadership and his Administration’s work on behalf of Latinos, and all Americans, as the President said, history is watching. Immigration is one of LULAC’s – and this country’s – most pressing issues. We are grateful for President Biden’s acknowledgement that the current immigration system is broken and must be fixed with comprehensive immigration reform. LULAC urges the President and his Administration to continue to uphold and preserve the dignity, rights, health, and safety of immigrants and refugees to the United States. LULAC urges all Americans to take a more forceful stand against the harsh rhetoric Latinos and other migrant groups are facing due to widespread misinformation campaigns created by those that use fearmongering tactics to spread lies.

We commend the President, Administration, and Members of Congress on their work in rebuilding America’s infrastructure, protecting our democracy, expanding the Child Tax Credit, providing affordable high speed internet for all, reducing junk fees and ensuring that average Americans are not taken advantage of by ensuring the wealthy and corporations are paying their fair share. We are also grateful that Jazmin Cazares and her family were able to attend the State of the Union as they advocate for gun control following the death of their sister and daughter, Jackie, in the Uvalde school shooting.

We look forward to working with President Biden and his Administration to ensure the Latino perspective is reflected in the policies created for our Nation.”

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