LULAC State Director Roberto E. Tellez recognized by Texas State Representatives and State Senate

State Director Visits Texas Capital
Roberto E. Tellez, the newly elected State Director of Texas LULAC, recently embarked on a notable visit to the heart of Texas politics, the Texas Capitol. Accompanied by National Legal Counsel Gloria Leal, Roberto had the honor of being recognized for his outstanding contributions to the Latin American community by esteemed members of the state government.

The journey commenced with a special recognition in the House of Representatives, where State Representative LULU Flores, an advocate for social justice and equality, warmly acknowledged Roberto’s exceptional leadership within LULAC. This recognition underscored Roberto’s commitment to advancing the rights and well-being of the Latin American population in Texas, a cause close to his heart.

Moving on to the Texas Senate, Roberto’s presence and accomplishments did not go unnoticed. State Senator Judith Zaffirini, a staunch supporter of education and civil rights, took the opportunity to acknowledge Roberto’s remarkable achievements and his unwavering dedication to the community. The recognition in the Senate was a testament to Roberto’s commitment to effecting positive change and uplifting marginalized voices.

During his visit to the Texas Capitol, Roberto also had the privilege of meeting with state Representative Richard Peña Raymond. Known for his advocacy on economic development and education, Representative Raymond warmly received Roberto, discussing matters of mutual interest and exploring avenues for collaboration.

Roberto E. Tellez’s visit to the Texas Capitol was an extraordinary moment in his journey as the State Director of Texas LULAC. The recognition received from State Representative LULU Flores, State Senator Judith Zaffirini, and the productive meeting with state Representative Richard Peña Raymond further affirmed Roberto’s influence and impact in the political arena. His unwavering commitment to advancing the rights and opportunities for the Latinx community continues to inspire and ignite change in the Lone Star State.
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