Meet Roberto E. Tellez State Director (2023-2024)

Roberto E. Tellez is a highly accomplished individual known for his expertise in political communications and business marketing. Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, Roberto graduated from Alexander High School before starting his academic journey. He pursued his passion for politics and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, complemented by a minor in Communications from the University of Texas A&M International University. 

Throughout his career, Roberto has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to community involvement. Roberto has served on various Webb County and City of Laredo Government Boards. Roberto Actively serves on the Webb County Non-civil service grievance committee Representing Precinct 3 (2018-present). Roberto Previously served on the City of Laredo Environmental Committee representing District 5 (2014-2016) and the City of Laredo Third Party funding committee representing District 6 (2018-2022) between 2019 to 2022. Roberto served as the chairperson of the Third Party Funding Committee. 

In 2014, he became a proud member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a renowned civil rights organization. His dedication and outstanding contributions led to his appointment 2017 as Vice President of Membership for LULAC Council #12.

Recognizing Roberto’s exceptional abilities, he was elected as the Deputy District Director for District 14 in the same year. This marked the beginning of a series of achievements within LULAC. In 2018, Roberto’s impact and leadership were further acknowledged when he was elected District Director.

Continuing his ascent within LULAC, Roberto was elected as the Deputy State Director, a significant position he held from 2019 to 2023. During this time, he worked tirelessly to promote the organization’s mission and uplift the Latin community across Texas.

Building upon his track record of accomplishments, Roberto reached the pinnacle of his LULAC journey in 2023 when he was elected as the State Director for Texas LULAC. This prestigious role places him at the forefront of guiding and overseeing LULAC’s initiatives and activities throughout the state.

Outside of his involvement with LULAC, Roberto is also a seasoned entrepreneur. He is the proud owner of T Strategies, a business specializing in political communications and business marketing. Roberto’s expertise in this field has allowed him to assist numerous organizations and individuals in effectively conveying their messages and achieving their goals. 

Roberto E. Tellez’s tireless dedication, leadership prowess, and commitment to empowering his community make him an inspiring figure in both political and business spheres. He continues to leave a lasting impact and is a beacon of hope for aspiring individuals seeking to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

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